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2017 Tournaments

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I share
with you the loss of Lonnie East IV.

You will be missed by me and
this fishing community.


6th Annual
Palmetto Society
Redfish Championship

Tournament Day - Sat. - April 29, 2017
Results Are Posted
Pictures Are Posted
updated 5-13-17


20th Annual
Lowcountry Trout Tournament

Tournament Day - Sat. - Sept 16, 2017
Results Are Posted
Pictures Are Posted
updated 8-19-17

3rd Annual SMA Foundation's
Sheepshead and Trout Tournament

Tournament Day - Sat. - Dec. 2, 2017
Results Are Posted
Pictures Are Posted
updated 9-30-17
Please note that the Island Sportman's - Denny Ford Memorial Tournament will not be held this year.
Note - picture pages for the SMA and Trident were updated 1-28-18
The Trident Fishing Tournament's Annual Invitational Banquet was held
Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Outstanding and Scoreboard Awards Posted 1-24-18
Banquet Picture Page - 1-25-18
Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament

2017 - 2018 - 52nd Annual Trident
Week 17
52nd Annual - "All Fish" Page

51st Annual
Weekly Results
Week 54
posted 12-1-17

Nov. 1, 2016
Oct. 31, 2017

51st Annual TFT "All Fish" Page

updated 4-2-17

Don't have the biggest fish to
weigh in for the Trident???

Send in your card anyway !!!
At the end of the year,
all cards are evaluated for the
"Outstanding" Awards and
will be posted on the "All Fish" Page.

Also, the TFT will again be mailing out
Master Angler Certificates

Previous Year's Trident Results

Trident Photo Contest
Send your pictures to:
Terry Gray at:
to enter this year's
Trident Photo Contest.
The top four photos will be
featured on next year's
Trident brochure and receive cash prizes!

Charleston County Parks & Recreation Commission
sponsors the Trident Fishing Tournament
    2016 Posted Tournaments    
2016 Year at a Glance Schedule
Charleston Coastal Anglers
33rd Annual Fishing Tournament

Tournament Day - Sat. - July 16, 2016
Results Are Posted
Pictures Are posted

posted 6-11-16

19th Annual
Lowcountry Trout Tournament

Tournament Day - Sat. - Sept. 10, 2016
Results Are Posted
Pictures Are Posted

updated 7-17-16

2nd Annual SMA Foundation's
Sheepshead and Trout Tournament

Tournament Day - Sat. - Dec. 3, 2016
Results Are Posted
Pictures Are Posted
  DNR Research Results

So, what ARE those crazy
DNR people doing to our fish?

Red Drum study and
general information

DNR Saltwater Fishes Chart

DNR Freshwater Fishes Chart

February 2018
Sunrise / Sunset
and Tide Chart

"Year at a Glance"


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Tournament Postings

  Don't know
if these were
my first fish,
but it seems
like I've been
fishing my
whole life.
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