Lowcountry "Fish Scales"

Congratulations !!!!
1st Place - Spottail Bass
Steve Cook
  2nd Place - Spottail Bass
Paul Tillman

1st Place - Trout
Steve Chapman
2nd Place - Trout
Randy Robbins

1st and 2nd Place - Flounder
Brandon Riley

1st Place - Sheepshead
Lonnie East III

1st Place - Sheepshead
Bruce Humbert
Outstanding Lady Angler
Debbie Disher
Outstanding Club Angler
Paul Tillman
Outstanding Male Angler
Brandon Riley
Outstanding Youth Angler
Selena Benson
  Some of the other anglers
  Andy Perkins   Jimmy Kittrell  
Brian Hawkins Pete Coppleston
Jimmy Mazek Elliott Glass
Julie Tillman Jerry Rogers and John Sanders
Scott Beane Robbie Forbes
Luke Varadi Patrick Page
Our Tournament Hosts - Great Tournament Again This Year !!!
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