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2008 \ 2009 - 43rd Annual Trident Banquet Picture Page
  All awards and plaques were received by the Scoreboard and Outstanding
winners at the annual invitational banquet on Tuesday - January 26, 2010

Shante' Ellis is the CCPRC lead Tournament Coordinator that
organizes the Annual Trident Banquet.
Shante and Jenny Worrell recieve and track all the entry cards.
43rd Annual Trident - Final Results Page

Outstanding Award Winners Pictures
1st Place - Photo Award
Photo by Dow Suggs
  2nd Place - Photo Award
Photo by Paul Godbout
3rd Place - Photo Award
Photo by Ron Silverman
4th Place - Photo Award
Photo by Mike Waller

Outstanding Lady Angler - Inshore
Lisa Carter
Outstanding Lady Angler - Offshore
Lauren Zebst
Outstanding Youth Angler - Inshore
Madison McElhenney

Outstanding Youth Angler - Offshore
Cole Suggs

Trident Record
Flounder - Light - 11.8
Matt Petit
Trident Record
Triggerfish - General - 8.7
Triggerfish - Light - 4.3
Outstanding Saltwater Angler - Offshore
Paul Godbout
Trident Record
Spanish Mackerel - Fly Rod - 5.11
Outstanding Fly Rod Angler
Outstanding Ecology Charter Boat:
Inshore and Offshore
John Ward

Outstanding Light \ Ultra Light Angler
Outstanding Boat Recreational
Offshore - Joy Ride
Steve Joy

Outstanding Boat Recreational
Inshore - Tight Lines II
Mark Thawley
Outstanding Ecology Boat
Recreational Inshore - Sea Pro
Lewis Lee

Outstanding Ecology Boat
Recreational Offshore - In Too Deep
Ecology Award - Male
Kevin O'Neale
Ecology Award - Female
Michele Stroud
Ecology Award - Youth
Will Stephenson
Outstanding Catfish
Lonnie East IV
Outstanding Shark - Inshore
Nikki Colwell
This years dinner was prepared and served by the
Lowcountry Anglers
The Trident Staff and Committee members work all year long to
manage the Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament.

Thanks to all who work so hard to make the tournament a success!!!

Organizational Staff
CCPRC Recreations Director - Steve Hutton
Tournament Coordinators - Shante Ellis and Jenny Worrell

Tournament Committee Members
Chairman - Buddy Leman
Treasurer - Mike Able
Melissa Barfield - Ed Crosby - Eric Couch - Ernest Mohammad
Kenneth Nelson - Janell Nettles - Dee Oliver - A.D. "Bosie" Picquet
Jason Schall - Laird Staley III - James Swittenberg
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you can reach me at jnettles@lowcountryfishscales.com