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1st Place - Sheepshead - 8.48
Tyler Geene

2nd Place - Sheepshead - 6.40
Tim Karl

3rd Place - Sheepshead - 6.22
Scott Beane

1st Place Trout - 5.00 ...-... 2nd Place Trout - 4.64 ...-...3rd Place Trout - 3.90
Christopher Riley

O.C. Polk   Zed White
Chris Slack Eric Silberman
Chip Till Brandon Parker
Ted Nettles Janell Nettles
  Thomas deOgburn - Jody Duckworth
Mitchell Wolfe
The Saltmarsh Apparel Foundation had loads of raffle prizes.
Laird explained to Rick how the "Yeti - dice" game worked.

The tournament proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House and this
fella was the top bidder the pair of Ronald McDonald shoes !!!
One lucky person took home a Jim Booth Environmental Edition of "Palmetto Island".
Tony Kozloski and some of the Carolina Lady Anglers
Charleston Yacht Club provided a beautiful setting for the Captain's Meeting

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