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2013 \ 2014 - 48th Annual Trident Banquet Picture Page
  All awards and plaques were received by the Scoreboard and Outstanding
winners at the annual invitational banquet on Tuesday - January 27 , 2015


48th Annual Trident - Final Results Page

Outstanding Award Winners Pictures

Outstanding Lady Angler Inshore
Christine Johnson
  Outstanding Youth Angler Inshore
Outstanding Out-of-Area Angler Inshore
Henry Bishop
Outstanding Light/Ultra Light Tackle
Angler Offshore
Outstanding Out-of-Area Angler Offshore
Mike Jenkins

Outstanding Fly Rod Angler
Eddie Robbins

Outstanding Recreational Boat Offshore
Gone Fishin II - Lee Moyer
Outstanding Charter Boat Offshore
Knot @ Work - Robert Olsen
Outstanding Ecology Recreational
Boat Inshore
Ecology Award Male
Outstanding Conservation Angler
Oh Henry - Jason Schall

Ecology Award Female
Jennifer Grainger
Ecology Award Youth
C. Keifer Grainger
Outstanding Freshwater Angler Female
Nancy Cunningham
  Outstanding Freshwater Angler Youth
Allison Dupere

1st Place Photo Winner
Mikey O'Cain
  2nd Place Photo Winner
Patrick Harrington
  3rd Place Photo Winner
Mike Waller
The Carolina LadyAnglers served up Shrimp and Grits for dinner
The Trident Staff and Committee members work all year long to
manage the Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament.

Thanks to all who work so hard to make the tournament a success!!!

Organizational Staff
CCPRC Recreation Director - Steve Hutton
Tournament Coordinator - Shante Ellis
Tournament Asst. Coordinator - Terry Gray
Danielle Campbell

2013 - 2014 Tournament Committee Members
Chairman - Buddy Leman
Treasurer - Mike Able, Jr.
Alicia Hart - Chris Pounder - David Fladd
Dee Oliver - Ed Crosby - Ernest Mohammad - Janell Nettles
Jason Schall - Jason Walters - Jim Swittenberg - Keith Beam
Laird Staley III - Mark Patrick - Skip Milligan - Warren Phillips
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