Lowcountry "Fish Scales"

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1st Place - Spottail Bass - Aggregrate
1st Place - Spottail - Largest in the slot
Lonnie East III
  2nd Place - Spottail Bass - Aggregrate
Eddie Robbins

3rd Place - Spottail Bass - Aggregrate
Danny Culpepper
2nd Place - Spottail
Largest in the slot
Mac McGuire
Spottail with the most Spots - 9
Eddie Robbins

1st Place - Trout
Scott Bean
1st Place - Flounder
Larmar Mitchum
2nd Place - Trout
2nd Place - Flounder
Lonnie East III

1st Place - Sheepshead
Tom Benton

2nd Place - Sheepshead
Lonnie East III
  Outstanding Youth Angler
Dawson Lasseter (left)
and Chase Lasseter (right)
More Folly Beach Anglers Pictures
Robbie Forbes   Tom Benton
Julie and Paul Tillman Micheal Rae and friends
Jason Burris, Mac McGuire, Matt DiSabatino The Weigh-In Crew
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