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2012 Dolphin Days
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2012 Congratulations !!!

1st Place Dolphin - 22.4
3rd Place Dolphin - 21.2
Jeff Tharp - Fish Wistle
  2nd Place Dolphin - 22.0
Mitch Stanley - Wired Up

1st Place Wahoo - 28.7
3rd Place Wahoo - 25.8
Tink Wallace - Sadie Beth
2nd Place Wahoo - 26.9
Travis Anderson - Sadie Beth

4th Place Wahoo - 23.8
Beth Stanley - Wired Up
  1st Place King Mackerel - 15.6
Travis Anderson - Sadie Beth

If you have some other pictures from the tournament,
please email them to me and I'd be happy to post them
Carlo Marino - Sadie Beth  
Jerry Friend - Sadie Beth
Rob Duckworth - Sadie Beth
Travis Anderson - Sadie Beth  
Tink Wallace - Sadie Beth Carlo Marino - Sadie Beth  
Randy Donaldson and his crew on Wired Up  
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