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  2009 Tournament Pictures
Brandon Riley
1st Place - Trout
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place - Flounder
  Peter Plott
2nd Place - Trout
2nd Place - Shark
Danny Mikell
1st Place - Sheepshead

Gary Franklin
2nd Place - Sheepshead

James Whaley III

3rd Place - Sheepshead
Randy Robbins
1st Place - Spanish Mackerel

James Leamon

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place - Blackfish
(left and Kenny Taylor - right)

Zed White

1st Place - Shark
Steve Joy
3rd Place - Shark

Lonnie East III
1st and 2nd Place - Bluefish
Lonnie - ya gotta look at the camera

Steve Chapman

3rd Place - Bluefish

Robert Leap
2nd Place - Whiting
Luke Varadi
3rd Place - Whiting
Cotes Simons, Jr.
1st Place - Dogfish
how is it that dogfish turn into
something else for it's picute ???
Tom Benton

2nd and 3rd Place - Dogfish
    Outstanding Youth Angler
Luke Varadi
Outstanding Female Angler
Maxine Sokol
  Outstanding Angler
Brandon Riley
The club members
signed up 336 anglers
  The anglers also bought
plenty of raffle tickets
    Rods and reels just waiting to be won  
DNR hard at work collecting samples DNR Drawing winner
Brandon Riley
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