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      1st Place - 2.085
and the Calcutta Winner
Eddie Robbins
2nd Place - 2.080
Craig Bradford
3rd Place - 2.065
Vic Svendsen
Closest to 1.55 pounds
Exactly 1.55
Vic Svendsen
More tournament photos
Skip Milligan - 1.140   Tony Ford - 1.105
Julie Graham - 1.110 Jim Lasher - 1.080

Ian Harle - 1.065

Ian Harle - 10.800
Nice Sheepshead !!!

The Anglers braved the coldest night yet this fall to attend the
11th Annual Lowcountry Trout Tournament Captain's Meeting

Bobby Watkins and crew covering the rules
.....thanks Bobby for putting together the
tournament again this year benefiting the
Knights of Columbus #6250

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