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2006 Year End

2007 Summer Oceanic

2007 Sailfish XXV


Congratulations to the SCSSA for
another successful tournament season !!!

Outstanding Boat



Overrun topped off their
standings with 5 Sailfish in the
25th Anniversary Sailfish Tournament

Outstanding Angler
William Dotterer - Merritt Time
Outstanding Male Angler
Nick Christ - Banshee
Outstanding Female Angler
Bevin Carchidi - Booze Hagg
Outstanding Youth Angler
John Bozman - Killer B
Heaviest Fish Awards
T.J. Britt - Trim It Up - 48.6
Denny Seels - Lunasea - 39.7
King Mackerel
Ryan Sneed - Booze Hagg - 21.3
Nathan Hawkins - Merritt Time - 58.4

The SCSSA handed out their handsome
Year End Plaques and Trophies
The Year End Banquet - Good Food and Fellowship
 Please visit www.scssa.info for the 2007 Points Standings
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