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  2007 Winner's Pictures
John Loftin
1st Place - Trout
  Eddie Robbins
2nd Place - Trout
Bobby Eynon
3rd Place - Trout
Brandon Riley
1st Place - Flounder

Andy McKenzie

2nd Place - Flounder
Lonnie East III
3rd Place - Flounder

Todd King

1st Place - Sheepshead

Roger Burris

2nd and 3rd Place - Sheepshead
Charlie Alexander
1st Place - King Mackerel

Peter Plott
2nd Place - King Mackerel

Steve Layton

3rd Place - King Mackerel
3rd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Tracy Scott (left)
1st Place - Spanish Mackerel
Betty Ann Scott (right)
2nd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Robert Leap
1st Place - Black Sea Bass
David Runney
2nd Place - Black Sea Bass
1st Place - Dogfish
Lonnie Cowart
3rd Place - Black Sea Bass
Lonnie also weighed in a shark

Steve O'Neal

1st Place - Shark
Hunter Brinson
2nd Place - Shark
  Tim Cook
3rd Place - Shark
Dylan James
1st and 3rd Place - Bluefish
Ed Stone
2nd Place - Bluefish
McKenna Swails
1st Place - Whiting

Alexander Spulqis
2nd Place - Whiting
William Morgan
3rd Place - Whiting
Scott Taylor
2nd and 3rd Place - Dogfish
  Outstanding Youth Angler
Dylan James
Outstanding Female Angler
Tracy Scott
Outstanding Angler
Charlie Alexander
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