Lowcountry "Fish Scales"


Congratulations !!!!
1st Place - Trout
Buster Altine
  2nd Place - Trout
Inshore Slam
Rick Donovan

3rd Place - Trout
Bylan Wallace
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place - Flounder
Steve Chapman

1st Place - Bluefish
Steve Layton

2nd Place - Bluefish
Katelyn Fogle

3rd Place - Bluefish
Trey Groves

1st Place - Sheepshead
Kissler Groves
  2nd and 3rd Place - Sheepshead
Robert Rooke
Outstanding Male Angler
Steve Chapman
  Outstanding Female and Youth Angler
Katelyn Fogle
Island Sportsman's Club - Sponsor Board
Everyone had fun at the Captain's Meeting - There were lots of great raffle prizes!
Weigh-in at Ross Marine
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