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2006 Early Bird

2006 Members Only

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2005 Year End

2006 Summer Oceanic

2006 Sailfish XXIV

  The South Carolina Saltwater Sportsfishing Association
was proud to be able to contribute $2,000 to
Happy Days and Special Times

Happy Days and Special Times
Sarah and Conor with SCSSA President, Fran Gulski

Outstanding Boat


Outstanding Angler
Bryson Hills - Prowess
Outstanding Male Angler
Tim Sharp - Bumpy Gin
Outstanding Female Angler
Fran Gulski - Prowess
Outstanding Youth Angler
Katie Aimar - C-Time
Ecology Award
Heaviest Fish Awards
Tuna - Sportsman - 50.7   Dolphin - Blue Endeavor - 49.3
Wahoo - Jon Boat - 49.4 King Mackerel - In 2 Deep - 20.9
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