Lowcountry "Fish Scales"


Congratulations !!!!
1st Place - Trout
Reggie Nettles

2nd Place - Trout
2nd Place - Sheepshead
Roger Burris

3rd Place - Trout
3rd Place - Flounder
Kelly Burris
1st Place - Flounder
Billy Mevers

2nd Place - Flounder
Carlin Glover

1st and 3rd Place - Bluefish
Steve Joy

2nd Place - Bluefish
Richard Stroughton

1st Place - Sheepshead
Mike Campione
(Mike is also a magican...
see how he turned a Sheepshead
into a King Mackerel!)
3rd Place - Sheepshead
Bruce Humbert
1st Place - King Mackerel
Miles Owens (left)
2nd Place - King Mackerel
Beau Mizzell
3rd Place - King Mackerel
Tony Armstrong
1st Place - Spanish Mackerel
Scott Lyman
1st Place - Spanish Mackerel
Lauren Newton
1st Place - King Mackerel
Ted Finnucan
Parker and Maegan Ford
This tournament is held in memory of
their Father - Denny Ford
  Outstanding Angler
Roger Burris
Outstanding Female Angler
Kelly Burris
Outstanding Youth Angler
Ryan Wallace
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