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2005 Winner's Pictures

Roger Burris
1st Place - Trout
  Tom Batchlor
2nd Place - Trout

Gary Willson
1st Place - Flounder
  David Runey
2nd Place - Flounder
Rick Donovan
3rd Place - Flounder
  Roger Burris
1st and 2nd Place - Sheepshead
Greg Shealy
3rd Place - Sheepshead
James Warner
1st Place - King Mackerel
Don Leschorn
2nd and 3rd Place - Blackfish
Clint Williams
1st Place - Shark
Erich Nuzum
2nd Place - Shark
  Rachel Rooke
3rd Place - Shark
Tim Bates
1st Place - Bluefish
  Robert Leap
2nd Place - Bluefish
West Weatherford
3rd Place - Bluefish

Paige Koches

1st Place - Black Drum
WOW - 45.94 pounds!!!
Daryl Graham
2nd Place - Black Drum
  Robert Leap
3rd Place - Black Drum
Jim Koches
3rd Place - Dogfish
Jim wasn't really drooling over that big dogfish,
that's raindrops!

Outstanding Male Angler
Roger Burris
  Outstanding Lady Angler
Paige Koches
Outstanding Youth Angler
Erich Nuzum


2005 Saltwater Sports Club
29th Annual
Alison Oswald, Sr.
Memorial Fishing Tournament

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