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2005 Winner's Pictures

1st Place - King Mackerel
Steve Joy
  2nd Place - King Mackerel
Kirby Klotz
3rd Place - King Mackerel
Linda Moyer
  1st Place - Spanish Mackerel
Outstanding Youth Angler
Flynn O'Neale
Hey, wait a minute...
what's going on here!!!!
2nd Place - Spanish Mackerel
Keith McRoy
1st and 3rd Place Trout - Mike Giannelli

2nd and 3rd Place Ladyfish
Outstanding Lady Angler
Tammy Giannelli
2nd Place - Trout
Keith Evans

1st Place - Flounder
Fred Poston

2nd Place - Flounder
Steve Chapman
3rd Place - Flounder
Rick Donovan

1st Place - Sheepshead
Roger Burris
  2nd Place - Sheepshead
Greg Shealy
3rd Place - Sheepshead
Rich Lytton
  1st and 2nd Place - Spadefish
Outstanding Male Angler
Outstanding Angler

Gary Willson

3rd Place - Spadefish
Lewis Howard
  1st and 2nd Place - Bluefish
Robert Leap

3rd Place - Bluefish
John Dupree
1st Place - Jack Crevalle
Danny Linder

1st and 2nd Place - Black Drum
Jimmy Ward
3rd Place - Black Drum
Jordan Ward

1st Place- Blackfish
Ray Thompson

2nd Place - Blackfish
Patrick Walters

3rd Place - Blackfish
Ricky Seiber

1st Place - Ladyfish
Levi O'Shea
1st Place - Dogfish
Scott Hammond
Outstanding Anglers
Gary Willson - Flynn O'Neale - Tammy

DNR Drawing Winner
Jan Moore with Dr. Charlie Wenner
    3rd Place - King Mackerel Calcutta
Renee Palassis
To learn why the DNR collects samples
from your fish, click on the link below.
"So, what ARE those crazy
DNR people doing to our fish?"
Great Captain's Meeting turnout.
The Charleston Coastal Anglers had some 400 anglers enter the tournament!

Our Captain's Meeting Hosts
Ed Stone and Lee Moyer
Crowd gathering for the
raffle prize drawings.
Many of the anglers who entered
stayed for the awards ceremony.
This angler really needed to
win one of those nice coolers!

Now, if Wahoo had been a species
in the tournament, I'm sure this
80 pounder would have won!
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