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2004 Winner's Pictures

Lonnie East III
1st Place - Trout
1st Place - Sheepshead
1st and 3rd Place - Blackfish
  Kelly Burris
2nd Place - Trout

Laird Staley
3rd Place - Trout
  Steve Chapman
1st Place - Flounder
Robbie Giacomarro
2nd Place - Flounder
  Randy Robbins
3rd Place - Flounder
Jimmy Whaley
2nd Place - Sheepshead
Austin Harley
2nd Place - Blackfish
Don Capodanno
1st Place - Shark
Kara Joy - 1st Place - Bluefish
Steve Joy - 2nd Place - Bluefish
opps - right people - wrong fish!
Robert Leap
3rd Place - Bluefish
ok - I guess no wanted their picture with a Bluefish!

  Paige Koches
1st Place - Black Drum
Jim Thorne
2nd Place - Black Drum
  Tim Brown
1st Place - Dogfish
  Duane Sisson
2nd Place - Dogfish
wait a minute - that's not a dogfish!
Outstanding Youth Angler
Austin Harley
  Outstanding Female Angler
Paige Koches
Outstanding Angler
Lonnie East III


Thanks to Dee Oliver and Al Oswald
and the whole crew of the
Saltwater Sports Club
for once again putting
on a great tournament!!!

Sorry I didn't get everyone's picture.
Next time you see me taking pictures
and you have a good fish, make sure I get your photo!

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